The OMI Fund

Often times, creatives do not have the financial means necessary to invest in their passions to the extent that they desire. More often than not, this leads to pushing one's passion to the side in order to focus on work or school. Learning from experience, Omi knows how much of a setback this can be while pursuing one's creative dreams. In order to support Black creatives herself, Omi designed the One More Inspired (OMI) Fund. The OMI Fund will be comprised of a percentage of the proceeds from the Create Collection, and will be given to a deserving, aspiring Black Creative to help fund their dream. This Fund can be used for equipment, software, tools, and anything else the chosen creative deems fit. More details on how to apply for the OMI fund will be given in the future, and you can follow @onemoreinspired on Instagram to receive updates on it!