About Us

This brand is dedicated to not only inspiring other creatives but everyone else too. In everything she does, the CEO, Naomi Akinpelu, wishes to inspire people in any way she can. One of her favorite ways to do this is through her art. Naomi, or "Omi", is currently a full-time biology pre-med student in her third year at the illustrious Spelman College. In addition to her studies, she also works as a freelance graphic designer. Graphic designing was one of her first loves, and she began exploring and cultivating this passion at the young age of eleven years old. As an introvert, one of the primary ways she expresses herself is through her art. With her unique graphic design abilities, she personally designed all items of this brand. In addition to graphic design, Omi is also a professional makeup artist and dabbles in writing and filmmaking as well.

As a passionate creative herself, Omi realizes the importance of creativity within our culture. Creativity can be seen in everything we do and covers all aspects of our lives. It's seen in music, writing, filmmaking, dance, television, painting--the list truly goes on. This brand, One More Inspired, is dedicated to all of those who consider themselves a creative, even if it's in the slightest bit, and to those who have an appreciate for art. Omi's top priority with this movement is to at least leave one more person inspired, because all it takes is a spark of inspiration to change the world.

In her Create Collection, Omi specifically pays homage to Black creatives. Globally, Black creatives pour an abundance of creative ideas into their cultures, but their creativity is often robbed or duplicated with no form of credit. Omi seeks to shed light on this by sending the important message to support Black creatives and to acknowledge their creative contributions to society. 

The OMI Fund

In order to support Black creatives herself, Omi designed the One More Inspired (OMI) Fund. The OMI Fund will be comprised of a percentage of the proceeds from the Create Collection, and will be given to a deserving, aspiring Black Creative to help fund their dream. This Fund can be used for equipment, software, tools, and anything else the chosen creative deems fit. More details on the OMI fund will be given in the future.